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Guessing Game

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Random;

public class RandomNumberGame {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("I'm thinking of a number between 0 and 10. Guess.");
		//I just farted, you guys.
		Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
		int num1 = scan.nextInt();
		int numberiwasthinkingof = new Random().nextInt(10); //should've done this shit first.
		if (num1 == numberiwasthinkingof) {
			System.out.println("YOU WIN");

		else {
			System.out.println("YOU SUCK DONKEY KONG SHLONG! THE NUMBER WAS: " + numberiwasthinkingof);
			//mmm, donkey kong shlong!(;
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Nov 10, 2012 at 02:16 AM
<table class="highlighttable"><tr><td class="linenos"><div class="linenodiv"><pre><a href="#L-1"> 1</a> <a href="#L-2"> 2</a> <a href="#L-3"> 3</a> <a href="#L-4"> 4</a> <a href="#L-5"> 5</a> <a href="#L-6"> 6</a> <a href="#L-7"> 7</a> <a href="#L-8"> 8</a> <a href="#L-9"> 9</a> <a href="#L-10">10</a> <a href="#L-11">11</a> <a href="#L-12">12</a> <a href="#L-13">13</a> <a href="#L-14">14</a> <a href="#L-15">15</a> <a href="#L-16">16</a> <a href="#L-17">17</a> <a href="#L-18">18</a> <a href="#L-19">19</a> <a href="#L-20">20</a> <a href="#L-21">21</a> <a href="#L-22">22</a> <a href="#L-23">23</a> <a href="#L-24">24</a> <a href="#L-25">25</a> <a href="#L-26">26</a> <a href="#L-27">27</a> <a href="#L-28">28</a> <a href="#L-29">29</a> <a href="#L-30">30</a> <a href="#L-31">31</a></pre></div></td><td class="code"><div class="highlight"><pre><span></span><span id="L-1"><a name="L-1"></a>import java.util.Scanner; </span><span id="L-2"><a name="L-2"></a>import java.util.Random; </span><span id="L-3"><a name="L-3"></a> </span><span id="L-4"><a name="L-4"></a>public class RandomNumberGame { </span><span id="L-5"><a name="L-5"></a> </span><span id="L-6"><a name="L-6"></a> public static void main(String[] args) { </span><span id="L-7"><a name="L-7"></a> </span><span id="L-8"><a name="L-8"></a> System.out.println(&quot;I&#39;m thinking of a number between 0 and 10. Guess.&quot;); </span><span id="L-9"><a name="L-9"></a> //I just farted, you guys. </span><span id="L-10"><a name="L-10"></a> Scanner scan = new Scanner(; </span><span id="L-11"><a name="L-11"></a> int num1 = scan.nextInt(); </span><span id="L-12"><a name="L-12"></a> </span><span id="L-13"><a name="L-13"></a> int numberiwasthinkingof = new Random().nextInt(10); //should&#39;ve done this shit first. </span><span id="L-14"><a name="L-14"></a> </span><span id="L-15"><a name="L-15"></a> if (num1 == numberiwasthinkingof) { </span><span id="L-16"><a name="L-16"></a> </span><span id="L-17"><a name="L-17"></a> System.out.println(&quot;*****&quot;); </span><span id="L-18"><a name="L-18"></a> System.out.println(&quot;YOU WIN&quot;); </span><span id="L-19"><a name="L-19"></a> System.out.println(&quot;*****&quot;); </span><span id="L-20"><a name="L-20"></a> </span><span id="L-21"><a name="L-21"></a> } </span><span id="L-22"><a name="L-22"></a> </span><span id="L-23"><a name="L-23"></a> else { </span><span id="L-24"><a name="L-24"></a> </span><span id="L-25"><a name="L-25"></a> System.out.println(&quot;YOU SUCK DONKEY KONG SHLONG! THE NUMBER WAS: &quot; + numberiwasthinkingof); </span><span id="L-26"><a name="L-26"></a> //mmm, donkey kong shlong!(; </span><span id="L-27"><a name="L-27"></a> </span><span id="L-28"><a name="L-28"></a> } </span><span id="L-29"><a name="L-29"></a> } </span><span id="L-30"><a name="L-30"></a> } </span><span id="L-31"><a name="L-31"></a> </span></pre></div> </td></tr></table>
Donkey, Kong, Shlong