#==== VPNC ==== The Cisco VPNC client is available in the vpnc package (SPM).

#Configuration files are stored in /etc/vpnc, which was protected to root on my installation so you might need to use sudo for all commands here. Copy example.conf to myvpn.conf

sudo cp /etc/vpnc/example.conf /etc/vpnc/myvpn.conf

#and edit the new file to look like this:

IPSec gateway <host>
IPSec ID <group username>
IPSec secret <group password>
Xauth username <username>
Xauth password <password>

#Note that you can leave out <password> if you want, and you will be prompted. Now, run vpnc-connect myvpn to start the connection - your output should look something like this:

> vpnc-connect myvpn
Connect Banner:
| Welcome to
| <Your Organization>
| *** VPN Service ***
| Your connection is now secure

VPNC started in background (pid: 7885)...
> vpnc-disconnect
Terminating vpnc daemon (pid: 7885)

--> http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-connect-to-a-cisco-vpn-using-vpnc