// Use #FF0000 for a.checkme:visited color
//when the page is ready
$(document).ready(function() {
	//the list of domains to check and an array which will store hits
	var domains = ['davidwalsh.name','css-tricks.com','scriptandstyle.com','cnn.com','digg.com'];
	var visited = [];
	//for every domain...
	$.each(domains,function() {
		//inject a link into page
		var a = $('<a></a>').attr({
			href: 'http://' + this,
			'class': 'checkme'
		//check the color of the link
		if($(a).css('color') == '#ff0000' || $(a).css('color') == 'rgb(255, 0, 0)') { //either format of color
		//remove from the page -- no longer need the links
	if(visited.length) {
		//save via ajax!  shady!
		//display items on the page based on "hits"