One thing that Pete and I have learned is that developers can't remember every scrap of syntax that crosses their keyboard.

The hundreds of programming languages out there leave little wonder as to why this is.

Now, there's a compelling way to keep those bygone commands close at hand.

Snipt is your collection of infrequently used commands or code snippets, because even Subversion gurus forget the 'svn merge' syntax sometimes.

Make your research worth it

Now you'll never again have to search the web for the CVS checkout code for grabbing a Drupal module.

Many people have the command down by heart, but most others do it much less frequently. Typically, people do a Google search for the command, read some reference materials, and probably cut & paste it from a document somewhere on the web.

Now it's a Snipt.

So how does this work?

It's simple. Sign up, and you're awarded your very own private command repository. Paste it, describe it, tag it, colorize it.

Get started now! It's free in every way.

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