// outputs: this will not expand: \n a new line
echo 'this will not expand: \n a new line';
// this will
echo "this is a simple string\n";

/* single quotes do the same work */
echo "You can also have embedded newlines in
strings this way as it is
okay to do";

/* outputs: variables do not $expand $either */
echo 'variables do not $expand $either';
# outputs: variables do 12
$expand = 12;
echo "variables do $expand";

# outputs: Arnold once said: "I'll be back"
echo 'Arnold once said: "I\'ll be back"';

$x = "13" + 17;

echo $x;
echo $x, "\n";

print $x;
print "\n";

$arr1 = array("data0", "data1");
$stuff = array("key0" => "value0",
              "key1" => "value1");
var_dump($stuff);		// it prints data more detailed
var_dump(FALSE);		// it prints both the type and the value
foreach($stuff as $k => $v){
    echo "key=$k", " value=$v", "\n";

$arr3 = array();
$arr3[] = "Hello";
$arr3[] = "World";