An old trend has revived. Every social site used to have its own blogging platform but mostly it was just a failure. Just think back to MySpace, who used that crap? Or even Facebook, its notes quickly died.

Well, the trend is back. With Forrst supporting full-length posts with multiple images and other media, to Quora opening up its blogging platform, and the new Tech.Pro website being driven by blogs, we're faced with a dilemma. Actually, scratch that, we're faced with a plethora of dilemmas.

Recently, I started writing on Dzone, Tech.Pro (a new startup), and now here, on Snipt while still keeping my blog intact. So I'd like to share my wisdom of the why's and why not's.

Why not?

Before we discuss the "why", let's discuss the "why not". So why not?

All valid points, especially the first one. Why don't you just use your own blog? It has so many advantages:

Well, those are well and good but then, why are these blogs even an option? Is it for the less tech fortunate?

The Why

No, definitely not. Snipt and Forrst are definitely for the tech kind of people that KNOW how to make their own blog yet they offer their services anyways (Forrst is indirectly a blogging platform but it might as well be). So why do they offer this when you can just as easily make your own blog?

Well, the two are not mutually exclusive. You CAN have your own blog AND write on these platforms so why would you do that?


I sincerely suggest all bloggers to try it out, contribute and help out the communities you love. You'll get some exposure in return and traffic as well!

Dzone does a pick of the day, and a pick of the week. Forrst promotes certain posts as well. So it's well worth your try to write something amazing!